Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Running Chronicles: A Treadmill Run

It was chilly, foggy and dark and the falling rain was the accompaniment to my morning meditation. Tom needed a rest day. I knew I needed to get into the office early today. Jeffrey and I were visiting the space at John Hancock where he will be presenting on Injury Prevention to the Employees Boston Marathon Team. I heard Spirit speak to me, "Just do a treadmill run this morning."

What? I asked. Really? Oh my goodness I can't remember the last time I was on the treadmill and I remember how cautious and hesitant I felt to use it. You hear all these stories about how running on the treadmill can mess up your gait and you are prone to injury when you run on the treadmill. But I was confident that a 5K on the treadmill was just what I needed this morning. And besides, I am not CJ Cregg:

I love comparing how I used to feel in my body with how I feel today.

I had so much fun listening to my playlist, singing, moving and dancing and working up a sweat in my shorts and t shirt.

Tom sat and watched and cheered me on keeping an eye on my pace.

I started out nice and easy to get my body warmed up. It was amazing to be able to feel the shift in gears if you will as my body warmed up. Something you can't really experience with such subtlety and awareness when you're out on a run. And then I got to play around with the pace doing fartleks. While I ran from the inside out it was a cool experience to up and down regulate the pace.

I loved feeling the sweat pour off of me and my heart rate increase. I felt joy and freedom.

Now there is nothing like getting outside and going for a run but I must admit, it was terrific to switch things up a bit and get in a great indoor workout.

I'm doing so many things that I never dreamed I would be able to do. Running nine miles again, then cross training; a work out in the pool yesterday and today an intense cardio work out. I felt as though I was glowing feeling strong and confident being able to trust in my body:

Jeffrey Spratt, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC sets the intention for his clients and all the clients who work with his Team to Reclaim Advantage and Reclaim Life through his life changing muscular therapy technique. Every day in every way I am delighted and amazed with the results! Today a treadmill run and soon the Bermuda Half Marathon. It's all so possible!

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