Friday, October 2, 2015

Grieving, Relieving, Healing and Freedom

"It's going to be a weepy treatment," I said to Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC.

"That's okay kid. You're safe now," he replied. "There's a lot of very exciting things happening."

I felt that he was letting me know that I needed to move out the past to make way for the wonderful, exciting things happening in my life on and off of the roads. He was right!

I could feel tears of gratitude, grieving and relief surface from the moment I got on the heated table. I allowed myself to really trust Jeffrey knowing in every fiber of my being that he is the real deal. I told him how wonderful the warmth of the table felt. As he began the compression on my back, I felt memories surface. In a previous treatment, Jeffrey said that the best way to heal a wound from a man is with a man. At the time I was referring to a trigger that happened with my brother. In yesterday's treatment Jeffrey's strong, powerful yet tender presence transformed the violence I experienced at the hands of my father.

As he stood by my side and was working on my thoracic spine while I lay face down, (as opposed to last week when I had the release while I was lying face up), I re-experienced my dad taking off his belt and beating me into the middle of next week while simultaneously feeling the healing of my body, heart and mind. I sobbed from the depths of my soul as Jeffrey provided me with physical and emotional comfort as he had last week.

"Do you need a tissue?" Jeffrey asked. "No I'm fine," and then a few minutes later as I continued the sobs, "Yes please."

"Just throw it on the floor. We'll get it later."

Jeffrey let his hot hands rest on my thoracic spine as I allowed everything to move through. The violence was transformed. He covered me with the sheet and then the oddest thing happened. I felt as though he put a cool cloth on my back and covered it with another sheet. He continued compression and heat radiated from within and without bringing deep healing to the wounds.

As he went deep into my left hip and worked with my left leg I could feel everything let go and loosen. When he was done I said, "My left leg is free now." It was out of the leg brace and freed from the weight of my father on top of me.

"Yay," was his warm response. "That's awesome."

I could feel that he was on a mission with me in yesterday's treatment to help me grieve, experience relief from the weight of trauma that I have carried with me for decades, facilitate healing and for me to experience freedom in my body. Reclaim Advantage and Reclaim Life is more than a tag line for this healer! He was methodical and mindful; totally focused on the task at hand.

I lost all track of time on the table and was in what I experienced as a vortex of healing.

As I turned over, Jeffrey worked on my legs and continued to provide energy healing to my left leg; the site of multiple surgeries and the side more profoundly affected by the polio virus. As he massaged and then did stretches, I could feel myself getting ready for my 8.5 miler this weekend as we train for the Bermuda Half Marathon coming up in a little over 3 months.

Jeffrey worked deeply on my pecs and clavicle and into my left arm. He came over to my right side and my heart and body broke open. I sobbed for what seemed like forever as I told Jeffrey, "He tried to break my arm." "I know," he replied. "Shhh. Shhh. Let it all go. I'm right here with you," he said to me and as I reflect on those moments, it was as though I'd been a soldier wounded in battle and he was taking care of me as only soldiers know how to do for each other.

More tissues. More sobs and comfort and compassion poured from Jeffrey's heart and hands. I experienced deep compassion for myself understanding why there are times when my hands and head shake. I was vulnerable from the disruption in my nervous system from paralytic polio and the nerves and muscles couldn't fully regenerate because of the constant violence. But now - now everything is healed and regenerating and there are more and more moments of stillness and peace; steadiness and strength. As Jeffrey massaged my right arm I commented, "I can claim this as my own now." "Absolutely," he replied.

Jeffrey placed his hands on and then gently massaged my face; another area brutalized and terrorized by my father and grandmother. But their brutality is no match for the power of Divine Love. We had cleared energy from this area last week and now I could experience peace, healing, relief and comfort.

I can expand my rib cage to take deep breaths. The shroud of shame and humiliation; that scarlet letter of abuse are gone. Facing the terror and experiencing the healing power of positive touch and Jeffrey's compassionate presence rewires and resets my nervous system. I can experience peace and wholeness. I am free in mind, body and Spirit.

There is more work to be done as we clear out every last bit of the past to allow for clear, clean, sparkling energy to flow. I am so blessed Jeffrey is my partner on this leg of my journey that began last March with Dr. Ryan aka Ryan J. Means, DC whose chiropractic adjustments, belief in the body's natural ability to heal and his powerful intention to get me back running helped me get back on my healing path. I feel as though he handed me off to Jeffrey to continue the work. There is a powerful triangle among Jeffrey, Ryan and myself even though Ryan is in China now. Jeffrey used to live and traveled throughout Asia. There are no accidents.

"How did you know?" I asked Jeffrey after the treatment.

"How did I know what?"

"That he tried to break my arm."

"It was a deep knowing. Not some thought that came into my head." He paused and continued. "You talked a lot about the left side and the violence that happened there along with how the paralytic polio affected your left side more than your right. I got to your right arm and could feel how strongly you were holding it and protecting it. The energy was stuck. I knew something horrible happened there."

And then I asked him about the cool cloth he placed on my back. "I didn't place a cool cloth on your back," he said. "I took a towel and made an extra layer of a blanket for you. Last week you told me how cold you got as your body was processing memories. You told me how good the heated table felt and I didn't want you to be cold. I don't ever want you to be cold again."

Those words melted my heart and ignited the way for new neural pathways to grow. Jeffrey suggested that my body processed the experience as it needed to. I told him that a loving parent would place a cool cloth on a child's back to comfort them if they were wounded. While there was no one in the physical realm to comfort me at the time, all is being healed through the work I am doing with Jeffrey.

Grieving, relieving, healing and freedom - the power of positive touch, transforming violence and letting others know what is possible.

Changing the way trauma is treated through the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy...

Reclaiming my advantage. Reclaiming my life.

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