Thursday, October 15, 2015

Follow your bliss...

During yesterday's morning meditation, Joseph Campbell's quote about Following your bliss came to me. I posted this on Facebook.

The first person to respond to my post was my dear friend and forever chiropractor (even though he is in China at the moment) Ryan J. Means,DC. He said, "Omg have we talked about this quote before?! No joke. I'm getting it tattooed on my arm - tomorrow!"

He posted this photo:

Stacey Chiew, a beloved Facebook friend posted:
Mary McManus, is that a coincidence?. Sometimes we are on the same wavelength. I created a poster for my online store few days ago, guess what? I used the same quote for my product description. Hope it's alright to share my work here."

Of course it's all right! Check out Stacey's beautiful creations via this link and check out what quote she used to describe her latest magnificent creation. "Sometimes you have to go where the tide takes you."

Okay Universe what are you telling me?

Being back at work is both an incredible blessing and a challenge. Creating and building, spreading a message of healing and possibility and blazing a trail in the way that muscular therapy is practiced and trauma is treated takes courage, patience and above all - faith.

I am astounded by the synchronicity, the coincidences and the flow that's happening as Spratt Muscular Therapies grows.

We are hiring new staff. When you don't see the resumes pouring in at first, it's easy to get stressed. But as Stacey's creation reminds us, "Sometimes you have to go where the tide takes us."

A massage therapist we have on our roster for chair massage wasn't interested in a position but suggested we post the openings on Facebook. I had it on my to do list to discuss with Jeffrey about the pros/cons of posting in a group on Facebook.

This morning I received a cover letter and email from a massage therapist that fit Jeffrey's ideal candidate profile. "How did you hear about us?" I asked. "I saw the posting on Facebook," and she proceeded to tell me about her amazing synchronicity in just happening to see the post last night.

As I was walking to the Hotel to get some work done and also to relax before my treatment time with Jeffrey, Spirit nudged me to go into one of the residences that we'd been planning to connect with to deliver our Welcome to the Neighborhood cards offering an additional 15 minutes on a treatment of 30 minutes or longer for residents moving into the area. My hair and make up were not done as they would be if I were going to represent Spratt Muscular Therapies, but the feeling was overwhelming to just go in.

"Hi are you the concierge?" I asked.

"Yes my name is Chay and who are you?"

I introduced myself and told him about our offer.

"You are not going to believe this," he said to me. I was just sitting here after making up the new residents' bags that I wished I had some offer from a business in the neighborhood. I told him the cards said, "Welcome to the Neighborhood." "That's exactly what I was imagining," he said.

I came to the office, grabbed a stack of cards and when I returned there was another concierge at the desk. He talked about needing a massage; that he hadn't had one in a year at our practice. I talked with him about our new website, our offerings and left some of my business cards for staff or residents to call me to reserve their table time.

In "What the bleep do we know...down the rabbit hole," Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about preparing for your day with a creative meditation. And then watch for events that you know were orchestrated by something Divine.

When I went for my social security disability exam now many years ago, I cried to the doctors saying, "You don't think that if I could work I would? I love to work." I just couldn't work as a social worker anymore but I have so many skills, talents and passions that I can now use in my work at Spratt Muscular Therapies.

And one of the reasons I couldn't work was because I had brain fog; a combination of the effects of paralytic polio and trauma.

Jeffrey has been invited to do a power point presentation to the John Hancock employees who are going to run the Boston Marathon. I've been pulling together research; we have been having brainstorming sessions and this morning I pulled all of our notes together into the outline. No brain fog. Total concentration. Jeffrey and I are both passionate about the message of the body's ability to heal when you provide it with the supportive healing environment it needs. And we are both so passionate about the effectiveness of the Spratt Method.

And so we are following our bliss and watching the Universe open doors where once there were only walls.

And this evening, as I was leaving my parking space after an absolutely Divine treatment with Jeffrey, this car seemed to appear out of nowhere:

Opening my heart, following my bliss, feeling blessed and showered with grace and Divine Love.

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  1. Stacey Chiew mentioned this post on Fine Art America. Synchronicity at work is truly beautiful and a blessing. :)