Friday, October 16, 2015

Clearing Out, Cleaning Up and Healing

One of the things I love about partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC is that I am on this fantastic journey of being able to intimately observe the effects that paralytic polio and trauma had on my body. With this awareness and through the power of positive touch, I am able to heal all that went before. As we clean out all the gunk, I am free to run and live with clean flowing energy.

I was able to experience how my nerve endings in my upper body have been on fire. Jeffrey's hands were like a cool blanket quelling the fires of reacting to violence and being wired to anticipate violence. As we quell those fires, the neuromuscular connections can grow and emotions and energy can flow smoothly along my neural net.

I am able to experience Jeffrey's touch on a deeper level and he is working more deeply to clean everything out.

I am able to simultaneously experience the violence and now heal.

When once triggers would bring to my knees and leave me feeling depleted, exhausted and defeated for brief periods of time, I leave Jeffrey's massage table feeling stronger and more powerful than before.

While Jeffrey's touch triggers memories and the pain comes to the surface, we are also cleaning out these areas of congestion. I love when Jeffrey uses craniosacral therapy to uncoil what got twisted (pun intended) like we used to uncoil the old fashioned telephone cords on a land line. Tension and anticipation of being hurt yields to anticipation of "yummy" touch and being able to relax and surrender to the power of positive touch.

Each treatment builds on the previous one and I can feel how I am gaining incredible momentum in my healing journey. As Jeffrey massaged my back I could feel the whispers of having been beaten but there is a resounding call to experience the healing; to feel my back as factory new with wounds tended and healed.

The raw emotions and the raw physical pain subside. We continue to clear out and clean up the residue from the past. Toxins are released and my breath becomes fuller and deeper.

It's only going to get better and better as each week I reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life from those who tried to steal it away from me. I tap into my inner fire knowing the possibilities are endless!

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