Friday, October 23, 2015

A Taste of Honey & Let It Go

Triggers abounded this past week and I could feel how everything was congealed in my body. Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies,LLC loves the metaphor of fat rising to the top of gravy and congealing there when you put it in the fridge, but when you heat it up, it melts. I was tight and sore. Oh sure there's half marathon training and asking my body to now "work" as Communications and PR Director, Executive Assistant and chief cook and bottle washer for Spratt Muscular Therapies as we expand and grow but this was more. The past was bearing down on me and I was bearing down on the pain from the past until...

The healing began before my treatment with Jeffrey. I was working in the reception area before my treatment. Tanya Nelson has been an angel and agent of healing before we really knew each other. I didn't even know her name when I wrote this blog post about cross training in the pool at WaveHealth. She brought over a jar of honey, a straw and a hand cream in a little pot. As she peeled off the paper from the straw, she opened the jar of honey, dipped in the straw while she told me that the Seaport Hotel produces its own honey from its rooftop beehive. She had just taken a tour and wanted to share a taste of honey with me. Tanya had no way of knowing that I have "texture" issues when it comes to tasting and experiencing different foods. I took a taste. It was warm and sweet and delicious. She provided me with a very powerful healing moment. She then offered me some of the honey cream. I paused..."I can't do anything with fragrance," I told her. "No it doesn't have any. See? Here smell." I rubbed it into my hands and it was wonderful. We talked about how awesome that will be during the winter. We both tend to get dermatitis and cracked knuckles.

Jeffrey led me into the treatment room after giving me his signature hug. I told him about my week but also how good it felt to be tired from working and creating something so amazing.

He worked deep and I could feel how the Spratt Method works to get at the blockages and clear the flow of energy. I felt sadness for all that this physical body had been through. I was quiet and Jeffrey worked with and in the silence. I chatted here and there but for the most part allowed the work to work. I allowed memories to surface so I could finally let them go and heal my physical body from the ravages of polio and trauma. I could feel the heal while I felt the hurt.

How many times has Jeffrey moved back the sheet to uncover my leg before working on it in the past 6 months? As many times as I've had a treatment with him...I had a powerful flashback and I let it surface while reminding myself that I am safe and in Jeffrey's presence. No words were spoken. Through the power of Jeffrey's positive touch, his intention to help me heal and save and reclaim my life, his strength and tender loving care I could bear what I thought I never could bear.

I let myself feel all of the terror and pain of an 8 year old being violated not knowing if I would live or die.

Jeffrey covered my leg and uncovered my feet. He placed his hands on both of my ankles and then with my legs covered, my entire body and Being supported by the heated table, he methodically worked his way up both of my legs to my hips and pelvic bones. I smiled. How amazing to feel the terror leave and a sense of power surge through me.

Jeffrey moved to my head and the top of my cervical spine. He tenderly connected with my face and moved my hair for craniosacral therapy. There is one spot that he has worked on every week for the past several weeks. This week he went deeper and we hit pay dirt unearthing both the traumatic memories and the treasure of my Being.

He gently put my head down on the table as I sobbed from the depths of my soul and spoke words that needed to be spoken; no longer would I or could I be silenced. Jeffrey reminded me over and over again that he's right there for me and his words and touch were and are no match for the violence that I was subjected to. Love.always.wins. Every.damn.time.

After the treatment, I thanked Jeffrey and as he hugged me, he reminded me that no longer do I have to bear any of this alone.

The awareness of no longer being alone, of being able to heal the physical and emotional pain from the past is settling into my cells creating change in thoughts, behaviors and my physical body. We talked about how I can experience the powerful effectiveness of the Spratt Method and I commented to him that he is brilliant in what he has created. Because he is not blindly or sheepishly following in the path of anyone else's methodology, he has at his fingertips access to healing that is second to none. His manual methodology combined with his compassionate and tender heart unearths what needs to be released while healing it all at the same time.

"As we unearth what's been buried, it can now heal and you can let it go," Jeffrey said as he gestured releasing it all into the Universe.

As Jeffrey led me out of the treatment room, there behind the front desk is Tanya singing Let It Go.

I smiled through the residue of tears.
Jeffrey and I both felt the Universe smiling upon us and affirming the work we are doing.

Yes Let It Go and let all be healed. And so it is!

p.s. And then this appeared in my FB stream just moments ago:

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