Thursday, September 24, 2015

When You Can't Get There From Here - Call On The Angels

I'm usually quite diligent and vigilant about getting directions before we go somewhere. As the Communications and Public Relations Director for Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC we were invited to WaveHealth's annual dinner cruise aboard The Odyssey. My first event as Communications and Public Relations Director that was going to be a wonderful mix of business and pleasure.

I initially thought we departed from Long Wharf where we have gone many times to take a Boston Harbor Cruise which is why I was incredibly confident about leaving at 4:30 and arriving in plenty of time to meet Jeffrey and our Team at 6:15pm. Something told me to check Google Maps however and I realized that we departed from Rowes Wharf.

I kept looking at the map and called Tom at work to get a handle on directions. My gut kept telling me we needed to stay on surface roads but every option was taking us through the tunnel. Tom and I eventually relaxed and trusted that there must have been an exit that would take us to the surface road.

Traffic was flowing and we were doing great until we lost our GPS signal. Tom instinctively knew to get off at Government Center but once we got our GPS back it said to go back on I-93 and through the tunnel. We debated about which way to go and decided to trust Siri.

But I remembered a time when Siri took us on the Mass. Pike and told us our destination was on the right but there was no access to it.

There was heavy traffic and we realized that we needed to get out of the tunnel (which still told us the destination was 5 minutes away and on the right).

I texted Jeffrey:
Stuck in traffic and GPS gave us wrong directions. Send angels please. Took us in tunnel. Said destination was on the right. But we will make it.

Jeffrey texted back:
Speed and ease of traffic
Angels are coming

And as he was texting that I received the inspiration to go to the New England Aquarium and somehow we would be able to walk from there. The only explanation I have for knowing to do this was that angels were guiding us.

We came out of the tunnel at Government Center (for the 2nd time). Siri thankfully let us know that we were 5 minutes away from the Aquarium. I googled walking directions from the Aquarium to Rowes Wharf and guess what? By car Siri wanted to send us back into the tunnel and said it would be another 20 minutes given the traffic conditions. But by walking, we were 3 minutes away.

We pulled into the garage and there was a parking space on the first level.

"Excuse me," we asked a pedestrian no longer trusting Siri to guide us. "Could you tell us where Rowes Wharf is?"

"Right over there at the arch."

I'd been there before. I met a friend at the Boston Harbor Hotel for tea and if only we had googled Boston Harbor Hotel instead of Rowes Wharf we would have avoided those rather horrific moments of panic. But then we wouldn't have been able to experience those moments of panic yield to faith and trust and experience the angels guide us to exactly where we needed to be with 15 minutes to spare.

We had an amazing evening - more on that in tomorrow's post ... but for now ... enjoy these photos:

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