Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seaport Boston Hotel: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

The first time I went for a massage therapy treatment with Jeffrey Spratt, Principal and Owner of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC, at WaveHealth in the Seaport Boston Hotel, I told him that I felt like Annie being in these lush surroundings with such wonderful, warm, welcoming people. Jeffrey told me how blessed he feels to have his practice at the Seaport with such wonderful energy and a great team of people to work with both in WaveHealth and at the hotel.

I told Jeffrey that it would take some getting used to.

"The swimming pool is in the rear..."

Roy at the front desk told me about membership to WaveHealth and the options for membership. I was given a week's free membership for signing up on their website and fell in love with the pool, the locker room and the showers. Every week I do my cross training in the pool as I go the distance for my first half marathon since running Boston in 2009.

After a month or two I felt right at home with my routine of weekly treatments with Jeffrey to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life. No small feat after what I lived through as a child and adolescent and coming back from a serious knee injury in December but it's all happening. Everything I visualized and imagined through writing poetry and journaling is now manifesting into physical reality.

When Jeffrey invited me to become his Communications and Public Relations Director I leaped at the opportunity.

The view from the Seaport:

The Seaport Hotel is an integral part of the vibrant community at the World Trade Center, the Seaport District and Boston. They support wonderful causes such as the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Last night I attended the Cocktails for Canines for event. We adopted our beautiful cat Jamie from the ARL 3 years ago and almost 40 years ago, I adopted my first cat Jacques. They are a cause near and dear to our heart.

They are also a pet friendly hotel - yes that's right - right in the middle of Boston you can have a vacation with the entire family!

Travelers searching for pet-friendly lodging may have difficulty finding hotels that will allow pets; particularly in metro areas like Boston. While other hotel chains may restrict your pet’s access to the lobby and hotel room, Seaport allows leashed dogs and cats throughout the hotel property (excluding Restaurants and Wave Health & Fitness Center). Service animals allowed without restriction.

For those guests who have pet allergies, please note that Seaport has designated pet-free accommodations (three floors) to ensure a comfortable stay.

Our pet-friendly amenities include:

Pet-friendly hotel rooms
Choice of pet bed
Complimentary treats upon arrival
Choice of pet toys based on availability
Complimentary doggy bags

As I walked through the hotel to go out into the beautiful Plaza Garden before meeting with Jeffrey yesterday

Service Men and Women filled the Plaza level. As I read about the Medal of Honor Convention I felt goosebumps everywhere. I worked with Tommy Lyons, Tom Hudner and Tommy Kelley when I worked at the VA to advocate on behalf of my veterans. Isn't it amazing how life comes full circle? I thanked each and every Service person I walked by for their service and chatted with a few of them who were there to present the honor guard as recipients arrived. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe).

The sound of bagpipes filled the air during the Cocktails for Canines for event as Mayor Walsh and other dignitaries arrived for the Convention.

Seaport Boston Hotel - it's where I heal, workout and now work.

I know I'm gonna like it here!

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