Friday, September 18, 2015

My Running Chronicles: Ready for 8 Miles!

I'm getting used to new sensations in my body with the rigors of training getting ready to run the Bermuda Half Marathon in January.

Before my treatment with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC I said, "Pick a spot any spot...if I wasn't sore I wouldn't be training well, right?" Jeffrey nodded in agreement.

In addition to experiencing advanced sports massage therapy with Jeffrey, we are healing the effects of trauma. I let him know where I was experiencing congestion in my face, my jaw and my clavicle - on the left side - because that took the brunt of the violence. His eyes fill with compassion whenever I talk about where I can feel the effects of trauma and the healing begins even before I get on the table.

I could feel almost immediate relief from the soreness of this past week's training. As Jeffrey worked on my back, I felt as though a window were being opened and fresh air and sunlight was streaming into areas that had previously been assaulted. When I turned over, Jeffrey paused above my left leg and did energy work. We are usually quiet for energy work but Jeffrey had an important story to share with me that was facilitating the work of healing. It was a mystical experience and any doubts I had experienced about total healing being mine melted away. After he finished working on both legs, he did one of his signature stretches with my feet that goes all the way up my legs and opens up everything!

"I can feel you setting the intention for me to run 8 miles on Saturday," I said to Jeffrey.

"Piece of cake. It's already done," he said to me.

His confidence in his work as well as his physicality and participation in physical activities infuses me with the confidence I need to go the distance.

Jeffrey spent a lot of time working on my cranium, my neck, my throat and my face. Tears gently streamed down my face as I allowed his hands to be the erasers and the agent of healing for some pretty horrific experiences. Terror melted away, stale energy was released and I experienced a clear flow of energy in my upper cervical spine. I know the tremors are healed. I felt the energy flow down to my left leg and I realized how the burdens and the effects from past experiences were weighing heavily on my left leg. Bone spurs are dissolving. Gastroc muscle is growing and getting stronger. My old beliefs and fears along with the voices from the past are tossed into the fire.

After my treatment I felt and continue to feel light on my feet and in my body. I cried with Jeffrey as I asked him if he knew what all of this meant to me. "It's adding years to my life," I told him. "And it's not just the years," he said, "but the quality of those years." During my time on the table I experienced remarkable clarity for a situation that I've been needing to address for awhile now in my life. Today the action I needed to take became abundantly clear and as difficult as it was to change a long standing behavior pattern of mine, I now feel light and unencumbered for having addressed it.

I had the best night's sleep that I can remember in like forever. I woke up this morning and creative energies were flowing. Coincidentally this was Louise Hay's affirmation for the day:

Here I am. Poised on the evening of my longest run since 2009 and feeling ready for 8 miles.

Time to go the distance!

I chronicle the first 7 years of my healing odyssey in "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility" and continue the journey in "Journey Well." These two inspirational books that will motivate you and move you to tears along with my books of inspirational poetry are available on Amazon.

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