Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Running Chronicles: On Healing Trauma & Running Free

I woke up Monday morning after a particularly intense trauma dream. I was sweating and could feel familiar sensations from the past arise within me. I harnessed the power of my mind to both process the sensations and to not allow them to have power over me as they have in the past. Since working with Jeffrey Spratt, MT at Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC, everything has been moving through me rather than churning around inside of me over and over and over again. And, in working with Jeffrey I know that there is an end point to the process of clearing the stale and toxic energy of trauma from the past. It's getting closer and closer.

Monday was a challenging day for me as my system was clearing out the memories that had been long buried. It was like riding a wave and as Jeffrey told me when I had experienced a trigger several weeks ago, every time I experience a trigger and move through it and beyond it I am stronger than before.

The memories can no longer have a drag on me; on my life force and in my body. It's a painful yet beautiful process and one blessed by Divine Love filled with and blessed by Grace.

Last week I asked Jeffrey to go into areas that were congested. Through his strong and mindful powerful positive touch, the memories were able to surface and move through.

I can now grieve for what happened to me and feel stronger and freer than I ever have in my life!

I was so relieved when Monday evening came along and I made it through the day eager to embrace my evening meditation and get a good night's sleep.

When I woke up yesterday morning I felt amazing. 6:00 am--Tom and I meditated, hit the ground for planks, crunches and clams..grabbed a quick piece of toast and banana and went out for our tempo run.

It was the most amazing run I have ever experienced.

During my meditation, I asked God to help me know what it would feel like to run free and easy; "unencumbered" as Jeffrey set as the intention for me after my first treatment with him last April. I've had moments but I've never known an entire run where I felt completely free.

Tom and I warmed up and then I ran and felt gloriously free in my body. I wasn't running away or toward anything. I had no time goal although as I could feel myself running faster and faster I did ask Tom to check my pace. I was hitting 13:00 and 14:00 minute/mile pace. When I went to Nike+ which marks the pace throughout the run, it was amazing to watch the times but it didn't matter what the clock said. I was running from the inside out and running free and unencumbered.

As we came into the finish as I like to imagine it when we are ending our runs, I felt this strength surge within me and this awareness of all that I survived. There was no me and them anymore. There was and is just me. Me as I was always meant to be. Me - "factory new" as Jeffrey likes to say. Me - healed and running free.

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