Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happiness is.....a way to express gratitude

One of the blessings of having lived through a hellish childhood and adolescence is that I appreciate everything and I mean everything in my life. I appreciate the freedom to run, to take deep breaths, sunflowers turning their faces to the sun, fresh air and sunshine. I take notice of what some people may see as the "small" things in life.

I am deeply blessed and grateful to cross train for the Bermuda Half Marathon at the pool at WaveHealth at the Seaport Hotel.

Yesterday the water was especially warm and tropical music played in the background. The sun streamed through the skylight and I felt transported to Bermuda. I could almost taste the grilled wahoo. There was one visitor to Boston from Paris who was swimming on the other side of the lap lane. We made easy conversation. Two strangers sharing a moment.

Whenever I am at the Seaport Hotel I feel as though I am on vacation and yet it's where I work as the Communications and Public Relations Director for Jeffrey and Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC.

When the weather is glorious as it was today we work in the Plaza Garden that I call my happy place:

I feel happy working for and with Jeffrey. It's an extension of what I was doing before I started working for him; sharing the work we do together in my blog and on social media and letting the world know about Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC. Whenever I refer friends to him they rave about their experience.

I love the process of creation and finding ways to share the message of Jeffrey's work and making connections among people. I love what we call #represent

Since working with Jeffrey as my massage therapist, there has been a lot of wonderful magic and synchronicity happening in my life as we clear out the old to allow clear, clean Divine energy to flow. I experience peace and happiness on the roads and in my life.

Noticing the little things - and the big things that make me feel happy is a way for me to express gratitude and appreciation to the Universe for this magnificent life I live.

Happiness is morning and evening daytime and nighttime too for happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you....

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