Friday, August 28, 2015

Flashback Friday: Where I was this time last year!

Where was I this time last year?

On August 10th, I had accomplished a stunning PR at the Bill Rodgers 5K Run and Walk to Benefit Prostate Cancer

and I remember sitting across from the massage therapist I was working with who could not comprehend the enormity of what I had done. He went ahead and gave me his usual protocol of a treatment that involved primarily massage with oil on my back and legs and a Zero Balancing protocol on the front of my body. Two weeks after my stunning PR, his office closed for their 3 week summer vacation.

Me being me back then did not think to look for another massage therapist to get treatments during those 3 weeks as I was trainning for more races. Instead, I decided to sign up for AccesSportAmerica's adaptive sports program at Spaulding Rehab. One of the things that I was really good at was making the best of every situation. I did not realize that I was settling for less than what I deserved. While the team at AccesSportAmerica had good intentions and the teacher I worked with had a beautiful heart, I did not need to put myself through the rigors of riding a recumbent bike out on the roads.

I can remember how stiff and painful my joints were and how uncomfortable I felt in my body.

I was trapped; a prisoner of my past and ironically enough the person I turned to for help was reinforcing all of my old patterns.

I was an injury waiting to happen because I was not doing proper cross training for a runner and I was not partnering with a therapist who knew what they were doing and how to work with a runner.

Fortunately the Universe had me connect with Dr. Ryan, a chiropractor a few months after my knee injury to get me back on my healing path. And then the Universe hit me with a 2 x 4 to end the relationship with my previous therapist and led me to Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Principal and Owner of Spratt Muscular Therapies LLC.

What an incredible experience to train hard for 5 days and to know that no matter what aches or pains, stresses and strains my body experiences, they will be gone after my Thursday treatments with Jeffrey. He also prescribes stretches and on Wednesday I used the hip stretches he prescribed for Tom to help with the tightness in my right hip. I actually got a two-fer because the four square hip stretch also stretched my left knee without stressing it out! I have total trust in my body's ability to recover from long runs and workouts and partnering with Jeffrey instills that confidence in me. Each treatment is unique as Jeffrey listens with his hands and heart to provide me with what I need. Each treatment has its own vibe.

One year ago I was struggling and still a prisoner in my body. I went to a massage therapist in Porter Square where if I arrived early I would either sit in my car on Mass. Ave. or receive snarky comments from the receptionist about arriving early for my appointment. And true to my old self, I would try to make her feel better! There was a narrow sliver of sunlight in the reception area that was usually blocked out by the receptionist when it interfered with her ability to see the computer screen. Their entire front window is painted. I realize that I felt that was all that I deserved and so that's what the Universe delivered to me. I learned wonderful soul lessons.

But I set powerful intentions through my poetry and journaling shortly after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome that set the Universe in motion for me.

Now I go to the Seaport Hotel

and can sit in my happy place in their Plaza Garden or sit on wonderful chairs or sofas in their lush interior when I arrive early for my treatment. When I arrive to WaveHealth I am always greeted warmly and with a smile by the staff at the reception desk. My previous massage therapist had a 'no hug' policy. Jeffrey comes out and greets me with a huge smile and his signature bear hug and warmly welcomes me into this treatment room where the table is heated year round:

One year later I run unencumbered and free. I am so blessed to partner with Jeffrey who says on the home page of his website,

“Massage Therapy at its finest can be life changing and even life saving, and even at its very basic, massage therapy should be momentum changing.”

One year later I have reclaimed my life and reclaimed my advantage and I'm ready to take on 7 sweet miles again tomorrow!

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