Friday, July 24, 2015

Feel the Heal: Reclaim My Life

Reclaim Your Advantage. Reclaim Your Life.

"How would I ever reclaim my life?" I asked the Universe in my poem "Foot Strike".

I staked my claim on my birthright as I climbed the "The Mountain of Trauma."

In "Leaving the Past Behind" I tell the Universe that I "lay claim to my authentic self..rubbing wrist and ankles where shackles once chafed."
I awaken
the purpose of my Being
coming into view
drowning out din from the past
going forth
living fearlessly to claim my life.

A New Age Dawns and I discover and claim birthright to me....

In the stillness I settle muddy waters made clear
Love comes to surface dispelling all fear
distilling distortions in silt may they rest
sparkling clear radiance knowledge I'm blessed.

A child of God to be free healthy whole
suffering ends joy bubbles in soul
live life in love heart open and sure
for all of life's ills this refreshment's the cure.

Each wave of breath worry leaves cannot last
come into the present feast on life's repast
a banquet of bounty allow turn of tide
life's truly magnificent surf the waves thrilling ride.

Trusting in Truth arrive safely on shore
believing relieving in each cell, every pore
transforming transcending healed form now takes hold
no longer bemoaning I'm fierce, strong and bold.

Dive in to my life delicious I heal
awake and alive with gusto and zeal
all of the bruises, feeling battered and worn
no longer matter for I am reborn.

My soul leaps within me making everything new
a celebration a triumph of all I've lived through
moving forward with ease, with style and grace
determined to BE in this world take my place.

A new age now dawning ripples laughter and glee
to discover and claim birthright to me.

As I "Dare to Dream" I let the Universe know that of God's inheritance I claim my share ...

All of those poems were written before I ever met Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC

Truth to be told - I didn't have the answers of how I would reclaim my life or claim the birthright that was mine to feel well, happy, whole and to erase the effects of my past that were deeply embedded in the fiber of my body and Being.

During these past 3 months since working with Jeff, it all becomes so clear. Yes, I am doing the work through meditation, visualization, continuing to write poems, working out, training hard but partnering with Jeff erases the pain of the past and allows my body to rewire and reorganize itself. "It's a vessel," Jeff said to me after my treatment two weeks ago. "We move out the bad to make room for the good." How elegantly simple. Do you know how many body workers and energy healers I worked with before I found Jeff? I smile at the long and winding road I took through three massage therapists, an energy healer/physical therapist; two very crazy KMI Structural Integrators, a crazy woman who practiced visceral manipulation and really did not know what she was doing God bless her; a massage therapist who initially was a good enough therapist but only practiced Zero Balancing on the front of the body and then something radically shifted in our relationship which was a blessing because it led me to Jeff. In order to manifest the healing I imagined, I needed new input from the environment and I needed new feedback. I needed to experience positive quality touch with the intention to heal everything with someone who is strong, grounded, connected to Source, compassionate and has a strong life force and a passion for the work and for life.

My body, heart and soul were crying out for healing 8+ years ago. My desires were expressed through my pen, my divining rod of healing. I didn't stop and couldn't stop seeking, working and being able to answer the question, "How would I ever reclaim my life?" The Universe finally answered me ....

I am delighted to be able to share my healing odyssey and my gift of poetry with you in this latest anthology of my poems.

You can purchase your copies along with "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility," and "Journey Well" on Amazon. I have already started writing poems for "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life Volume II", and "Going the Distance" which chronicles these latest miles on my marathon of healing from my knee injury last December to when I cross the finish lines of the Bermuda Half Marathon in January 2016 and the Newport Marathon in October.

Cheers! To Life! Feel the heal and let us all love ourselves well!

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