Sunday, July 26, 2015

Feel the Heal: A Charmed Life

Eight years ago on 5/25th, I took a leap of faith and left my award winning career as a VA social worker 3 years shy of when I was eligible to retire to heal my life. Truthfully I had no idea in my conscious mind what that meant. I just knew that I was not going to allow myself to go down the path of a slow, painful living death. I was in uncharted waters trusting in God and trusting in myself to turn my ship around and set sail for a new world.

I remember sitting in my yard on a day much like today. I was in a leg brace and feeling physically unwell. Somewhere inside of me I had hope and as I mentioned, faith that there was a future waiting for me that I was creating through my pen, my divining rod of healing, my meditation and my own stubborn Being that knew I was going to find a way out of the mess...It reminds me of when I contracted paralytic polio and things were not looking good for me as I lay on the couch paralyzed with a drug addicted mother glaring at me having to wait to get my basic needs met until my father or grandfather came home from work. I was touched by grace and knew that I was going to make it through that mess and the messiness of my childhood.

Each choice I made, I made with the intention to heal my life. Sometimes I had to learn soul lessons over and over again; sometimes the external stressors in my life (like my nephew's suicide and in the wake of 4/15/13) consumed my energy and didn't allow for growth and repair and healing.

But all that matters is here and now.

Last year, during a meditation, I wrote this poem in which I talk about leading a charmed life. When I first wrote it, I thought that perhaps I was talking about a previous life because I was still struggling with my healing. But no ... once again, my Divine Mind was forecasting the preview of coming attractions.

I now live a charmed life from the inside out. I feel the magic of the Universe inside of me and I feel the power of Divine Love. I feel happy, healthy, whole and a sense of well being. And while I continue to heal and create a new body and a new way of Being without the effects of paralytic polio and violence, I can totally feel the heal that has happened in my body. We are just bringing it fully into physical manifestation now.

Twice a week I am in the five star Seaport Hotel at WaveHealth. Every Monday, everything I need - an easy commute, a parking space and the lap lane free is there for me. Their locker rooms are worthy of a 5 star rating and I shower there after my swim. There are so many restaurants to choose from for my post swim fueling if I decide to get something to go or I come home and have lunch.

Tuesday mornings I get to do speed work with my running and life partner of almost 40 years! We are training for - talk about a charmed life - the Bermuda Half Marathon in January.

Wednesdays are my home strength training days and time for writing, reading, meditating and taking excellent care of myself.

Thursdays are what leading a charmed life is all about. Weekly 90 minute treatments with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC. "An industry leading massage therapy office that provides effective muscular and massage therapy treatment designed to your specific issues. Restore. Rejuvenate and Reclaim your life. Our world-class Massage Therapy practice in Wave Health & Fitness in Boston’s Seaport Hotel offers you the amenity of the most effective Massage Therapy you’ll experience, delivered by highly trained therapists – healers who focus on your body and mind.

All Massage Therapy sessions are skillfully developed by the therapists at Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC to address your unique needs. Your Massage Therapist can concentrate on some of the most common issues we all face – tension, muscle aches and even disturbed sleep patterns. Or more complex issues from injury rehabilitation to sports performance. Whether you’re looking to feel invigorated or relaxed, recover or prepare, your massage therapist will provide the type of massage that will work best for your expectations – with your input, of course."

Fridays I do a little core work but it's mostly a rest and integrate Thursday's treatment day.

Saturday are long runs with my bestie and on Sunday we do cross training together.

Enchanted Forest

Thatched canopy of tangled branches
virgin snow blankets forest’s floor
dreamily listening to crackling fire
warmth spreading fills every pore.

Owl alights on fragile ice-laden limb bending under its weight
invisible hand holds him fast to Divine Love he trusts his fate.
Releasing grip of his talons One with Earth and winter’s gray sky
faith and hope and freedom knowing he has wings to fly.

Hidden deep among all creatures
ear cocked signs of Spring she hears
sounds of stirring and thawing
she knows change of season now nears.

Heart beats with eager anticipation cabin door creaks open she peeks
heralding rebirth renewal she awakens to their calls and shrieks.

What wonder awaits her beyond her door
once bare branches burst with green
in awe to see life in all of its splendor
her breath catches beholding this scene.

Heralding end of her slumber soul freed from darkness of night
trees dancing in jubilation twirling her round she smiles with delight.
A gossamer gown adorns her she’s crowned with a tiara of grace
princess ballerina poised on point joyful movements playful chase.
Everything she ever hoped for everything she’ll ever need
dwelling in this magical land charmed life is hers now to lead.

Fire up your imagination. Create the present and future of your dreams and feel the heal!

I am delighted to be able to share my healing odyssey and my gift of poetry with you in this latest anthology of my poems.

You can purchase your copies along with "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility," and "Journey Well" on Amazon. I have already started writing poems for "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life Volume II", and "Going the Distance" which chronicles these latest miles on my marathon of healing from my knee injury last December to when I cross the finish lines of the Bermuda Half Marathon in January 2016 and the Newport Marathon in October.

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