Friday, May 8, 2015

Pay It Forward Friday: Cops Running for Charity

They met in Buenos Aires Argentina. Two athletes who believe in running extreme races to improve the quality of life of others.

Commander Randy Pentis of Cops Running for Charity, noticed Bill McCabe in their hotel lobby in Buenos Aires Argentina, one of the legs of their Antarctica Marathon adventure. As Randy shared with me in an email:

We struck up a conversation after hearing his Boston accent! His energy and passion for Marc was just moving and I told him we are in for $1,000. He was speaking from the heart and that is what CRFC is about so it is an honor to try and help someone who has more courage than most, and its an honor to know Bill, a very special man, that is why we donated.

Here is Bill wearing his 2620 shirt for Marc in Antarctica:

True to his word, Randy on behalf of Cops Running for Charity, a "gaggle" of 6 former or current members of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office made a $1000 donation to Bill's GoFundMe page for Marc taking the total over $7,000.

Who are Cops Running for Charity?
All of us are parents. All of us Cops, and through our careers have dealt with many victims, but children we see who battle diseases are some of the toughest. This is the reason we take on these challenges, to tell those we help, "we can't match what you're going through, but we're going to try to have an impact on the quality of your life.

Their motto:
"The race isn’t over when we cross the finish line, but when we are able to present a check to the children’s charities.”

Their mission:
Our 501(c) nonprofit group is Cops Running for Charity. Grassroots, our 6 Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies pay all of their travel costs and expenses. Your donations go directly to those we help. Along the way, we have raised more than $250,000 for local charities: Make-a-Wish Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the ALS Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Their resume of runs including 7 marathons on 7 continents is impressive to say the least.
We’ve run across an active fire breathing volcanos and sprinted across glaciers in Iceland. We’ve raced a marathon with more than 4,000 steps on the Great Wall of China, and bounded 85 miles over sand dunes in a four-day ultra-marathon race through the searing Sahara Desert. We crossed Easter Island, running from one side to the other, racing between statue monoliths. We endured the Siberian extreme summer heat and last year we raced 12,000 feet of climbs in the mountains of the Patagonian Andes.

Their big event is Santa Cruz Island 23-K Eco-Extreme Trail Race (14 + Miles) happening on Saturday October 17th 2015. You can also donate to this gaggle of 6 guys by their website.

From Coast to Coast extreme athletes running their heart out to make a difference in the quality of lives of others.

“We’re just six goofy cops trying to make a difference outside of our day jobs,” Hagel said. “What gets me through, every single time, is the realization that there are people with medical challenges who wake up every single day of the week and just try to get through the day.

“When I combine that (reality) with the opportunity for us to raise money to share with organizations like Make-a-Wish and Big Brothers Big Sisters, it makes it all worth it.”

That not so chance meeting in Buenos Aires Argentina between Randy and Bill... cops running for charity, one man running for another

... paying it forward and making a HUGE difference in the lives of others.

Be blessed. Journey well. To all good things....

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