Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Running Chronicles: Chasing Butterflies and Feeling Happy and Free

Yesterday I went on my longest run since the Tufts 10K in October. We went for 3.80 miles around Jamaica Pond.

Jamaica Pond is where Bill Rodgers trained for the Boston Marathon. Last year I read his memoir, Marathon Man He used to run and chase butterflies when he was a little boy. He always felt happy and free when he ran. His college roommate Amby Burfoot used to get so frustrated that Bill had this natural talent for running but in college did not use discipline to hone his talent. I've been blessed to enjoy many conversations with Bill about running and how running is a metaphor for life.

As my run started out, I was feeling anxious. Something inside of me decided that I needed to harness the power of healing from the inside out and no longer use kinesiotaping on my runs. I'd been studying Mitchell May's work. When he first met his healer Jack Gray after a life threatening car crash and 3 months of raw pain and his body's deterioration, Jack said to him, "You are a child of God. Everything you need to heal is inside of you. We can heal this leg. No problem."

Now while I am all for using the best that different therapies have to offer me, I felt that I needed to heal from the inside out using visualization, meditation, writing poetry and partnering with Jeff Spratt, LMT In last Thursday's treatment, I told Jeff that feeling and sensation was coming back to the incision site for where I had reconstructive leg surgery, hardware removal and 3 arthroscopic surgeries. He told me that he would do scar tissue work on the incision site and also energy work for the knee joint. I shared with him that I don't dwell on what the MRI showed but wanted him to know what I am working to clear out and heal in the joint. I could feel the heat of healing energy on my knee joint coming from his hands and felt that I had better articulation of my quad muscle after the massage. I just knew I needed to believe that I am healed and I am fine to run without tape.

I could feel fear well up within me and I repeated Jack Gray's mantra that I also use in my meditation. I also felt light, free and easy as I am moving from a race walking gait to more of a running gait. I took in the breathtaking scene of Jamaica Pond on a beautiful Spring day and I did not push my pace. I remembered that I am emerging from the Potter's Wheel in perfect form and focused on "feel the heal."

We were planning on a 3.7 mile run slowly building mileage but we overshot and ended up doing 3.8 miles. I felt amazing and as we stretched at the car, I felt something let go in my left leg. Any discomfort I had, dissipated. I felt the energy flow from my waist down my legs like a cascading waterfall. It was a most delicious sensation indeed.

So while the cartilage upon MRI is almost non existent in my knee joint and there are changes from the multiple surgeries I've experienced and I don't have a gastroc muscle in my left calf, Mitchell May teaches that it's amazing what happens when we let the body adapt from the inside out. He is missing cartilage, nerves, muscles and bones in parts of his body although he was able to regenerate a lot of his muscles, nerves and bones after the accident. He said that when our consciousness is free and open, the unexpected can occur.

After 3.8 miles, I was pain free - tired but pain free and so happy having run a farther distance than I had since October of 2014 feeling a whole lot of joy as I set my sights on getting back to 26.2 next October at the Newport Marathon chasing butterflies and feeling happy and free.

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