Thursday, May 28, 2015

"All better?" Training for the 2016 Newport Marathon is my Medicine

As I turned in the key to the locker room at Wave Health and Fitness after a rigorous 55 minute workout in the pool (20 minutes more than my workout time two weeks ago), I sighed.

"All better?" the delightful woman at the reception desk asked me.

"Oh yes" I replied. This place is a God send."

Many people would say that training for another marathon, and especially my running a marathon given how my knee joints look on MRI, is punishing my body. But for me, training for the 2016 Newport Marathon is medicine.

I know what it takes to run a marathon. Every workout I do has that intention behind it. I work on building strength, connecting with all of my body and pushing myself just that little extra every time to ensure that my body will be at its maximum peak performance come next October.

Running for myself and in honor of my nephew who suicided on 3/4/2011 adds more potency to the medicine. He jumped from his fishing boat as it was coming into Port Judith across from where I'll be running the Newport Marathon next year.

There is incredible joy in this journey. Joy is a most powerful healer.

Tom and I are going to take day trips to Newport this summer and Fall and train on the course. The photos that are being posted of the course on Facebook are breathtaking and I am eager to see them in person.

All better? Yes thanks to the healing energy of WaveHealth to support me in my training for the 2016 Newport Marathon along with healing all that went before by partnering with Spratt Muscular Therapies; being able to run unencumbered, happy and free feeling stronger in mind, body and Spirit every step along the way.

Be blessed! Journey well! To all good things...

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