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Fundraising Friday: Meet Marc Fucarile's RE"MARC"ABLE Marathon Team 2015

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and kick back and enjoy today's incredibly inspiring Fundraising Friday as I present to you Marc Fucarile's RE"MARC"ABLE Marathon Team 2015.

Marc Fucarile was gravely injured on 4/15/13. He spent 100 days in the hospital and has had over 50 surgeries to date. He needs ongoing medical care and 100% of all of your donations go directly to Marc. NONE of the money you donate, money earned from hosting events, selling raffles, t-shirts, auction items, etc. is being used for anything team related including bibs.

Let's kick this off with presenting Gretchen Lindstrom Chalpin! She ran Boston in 2002 for a student of hers with cancer. This will be Gretchen’s second year running the Boston Marathon for Marc! Gretchen is considered the “coach” of the team, as she is a longtime runner and former high school track coach. After the horrible marathon bombings, Gretchen wanted her children to take something positive out of the day of the attacks. She pointed out the "Good Guys" all running to help. The youngest of her boys, Brody (age 4 at the time) asked if he could help by selling water at Horn Pond. Almost 2 weeks later and after hundreds of water and Boston Strong t-shirts sold, he had raised just under $4,000 for The One Fund.

Since Brody was so young, Gretchen wanted him to meet one of the survivors to help him fully understand the magnitude of his hard work. After pulling up a list of complete strangers on the home computer screen, Brody picked Marc! They made arrangements to go into Spaulding Rehab Hospital and brought Boston Strong t-shirts for Marc, Jen, and their son, Gavin. A friendship was inevitable between them all and soon after, Gretchen made the easy decision to again take on Boston, but this time to benefit Marc. Once again, Brody wanted to help with the fundraising and even held his own Paint Nite, just for kids. The feature painting was an original drawing by Brody of Marc as a Superhero over Boston.

Apparently the adventure still wasn't enough for this single mom of 4 from Woburn, so she rounded up some old friends AND new friends to join her on this awesome journey for Marc!

Brendan McCue, a.k.a. B-Rock or Uncle B, is Marc Fucarile’s cousin. Brendan is part of Clan McCue of Woburn and falls in at number 14 of 15 kids. He is a foreman for Reliable Fence and has been with the company for 10 years. Funny, smart and charming at 6’ 205 lbs, this guy with hazel eyes is sometimes referred to as a “tall drink of water”.

Brendan’s athleticism began early with involvement in a number of Woburn city sport organizations, such as Woburn Pop Warner Football, Woburn Little League and sport and health programs offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn.

Brendan continued to excel in sports at Woburn High School where he competed as a wrestler, track team member and on the football field. Due to his enthusiasm, commitment to team and leadership qualities, Brendan was nominated by his wrestling team to lead as Captain in his senior year.

Brendan has always maintained a healthy and athletic lifestyle. Regularly hitting the gym to keep his “gun show” well maintained, but more recently has focused his training and workout efforts to support good causes and charities. Over the past couple of years he has traveled around New England to complete three Tough Mudders to support the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as, finishing a Spartan Race, Chaos Race and the 2014 BAA ½ Marathon.

Although not accustomed to running long distances, when word that a team was forming to run in Marc’s name in the 2014 Boston Marathon, Brendan was all in! He faced a tough knee injury during training leading up to the 2014 Boston Marathon and endured some serious muscle tightening during the 26.2 mile trek, but FINISHED his first marathon with the inaugural Team Marc. As Brendan says, “The pain that goes with training for and running a marathon is nothing compared to the pain and ongoing challenges experienced by those involved in the marathon bombings. The pain and commitment is totally worth supporting Marc and all those impacted that day”.

Brendan says that his motivation while running is totally driven by the atmosphere and energy of the crowd that comes out to support the runners. He hopes that you will come into the city on April 20th to cheer on Team Marc.

The events of April 2013 affected so many Bostonians in so many different ways. Not only did it hit close to home for Tiffany Byrne being a Woburn resident and knowing many local people who were so badly injured, but being a mom to 3 and knowing that innocent children lost lives and were so severely hurt, really hit home. Tiffany took this time to teach her children how to help others and give back. The kids started a lemonade stand and collected donations for The One Fund, even being recognized with a public shout out from Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin. Tiffany also teamed up with Coach Gretchen and her kids a few times selling cookies, brownies and lemonade to help all those injured from the marathon bombings. After going to cheer on Coach Gretchen as she ran the 2014 Boston Marathon and experiencing the crowds and level of excitement, she knew running Boston was something she wanted to do one day.

At this point Tiffany was just getting back to running after years of recovery from major knee surgery. Her first race was the Falmouth Road Race in August 2014. So happy to be running again, Tiffany, having been friends for years with Coach Gretchen, jumped at the chance to do something to help Marc when Gretchen mentioned running in his name! She joined the Team for their first fun run in August 2014 and has been a dedicated member since!

Originally from Watertown, Tiffany now resides in Woburn with her husband and 3 children Layla (11), Molly (10) and Colton (4). She loves travel, cooking and quality time with her family. Every Veteran's Day Tiffany and her kids make cards and send them to the Veteran's hospitals and to the active military personnel. She has had her kids bring cookies to the town police as a sign of gratitude for their service. Being in the field of psychiatry for over 20 years she is no stranger to the effects these acts have on everyone, both the good and bad! She has turned this into the ultimate learning experience for her children, teaching them that what Marc has been quoted saying is true, there is more good than bad in this world.

Guy Spina Jr. “The Family Guy”

After seeing the horrific attacks on Boylston Street in 2013, Guy wanted to be one of the first people to cross the finish line a year later to show his support for the victims and the city. So last year on the Saturday before the marathon, Guy ran the BAA 5K with a few thousand other select runners. Although he considers himself a non runner, Guy proudly crossed that finish line!

After seeing Gretchen helping out with Marc Fucarile, Guy jumped at the chance to run the 5K ROC race in the Marc's name at Gillette Stadium this past August. He met Marc, his family and friends that day, and decided to keep on running for him. Guy has participated in several other races with the team, including the latest “Blizzard Blast” - 6 miles of ice, snow, and challenging obstacles.

Guy is a divorced dad of two great kids, Nicklaus (15) and Emily (11). He resides in Woburn with an amazing woman, Michelle and her two kids, Nick (9) and Abbey (13). Nicklaus and Abbey have also participated in some of our races for Marc, making it a family affair for Guy!

Guy is fully involved with his immediate and extended family, as he is Co-Vice President for the Reeves Elementary School PTO, where Nick still attends. He also is a proud long time season ticket holder of the New England Patriots!

Guy will once again be running the BAA 5K on Saturday April 18th!

Next up, Chris Nance!

Chris, a retired baseball coach of 20 years at Burlington High School, has a passion for competition. As head coach, for three years, Chris led the team to 3 Middlesex League titles and a North Divison II Championship in 2012. Chris had done lots of 5K races on his own over the years but taking on the Boston Marathon, by far, will be his biggest challenge.

Chris joined Team Marc through his longtime friend and team member Gretchen. He ran the team ROC race last summer. After meeting Marc that day, Chris saw Marc as an inspiration. Knowing and seeing what Marc endures daily while having such a positive attitude, makes Chris even more committed to helping him. Chris knows if Marc can survive and continue to be so strong during his healing, then running the Boston Marathon in his name is the least he can do.

Being a veteran and having 2 sons who served in the war in Iraq, Chris is aware of the hardships of wounded veterans. This is something he and Marc are both passionate about. Chris loves his 'Cadence' on long runs and always gets the team running to the same beat!

Chris lives in Woburn with his wife, Jean. They are the proud parents of two sons, Carlton and Ian. He is also the proudest 'Grampa' of Leah and Hannah, who live with son Carlton and his wife in Okinawa, Japan.

Chris will be running Boston 2015, his first marathon!

Cheryl Pacheco, our "True Blue Boston girl" is one of our seasoned runners! She began running in 2012 and it immediately became a passion of hers! She ran her first half marathon with fellow teammate Julie in 2013 and another half in 2014. She has done many 5k and 10k runs throughout Massachusetts since then for a myriad of charities. Cheryl always had the dream of running Boston. So naturally she jumped at the chance when Julie mentioned she had joined Team Marc.

A true Boston girl at heart, she was born in East Boston where she lived until age 10. She then moved to the South Shore where she currently resides with her loving husband and two beautiful children ages 15 and 13. Cheryl loves to travel, spend time with her family and you can always find her in the kitchen cooking a big meal!

She remain closely tied to the city, as she is a nurse at Boston Children's Hospital where so often she is reminded of how precious life can be and so very thankful for her healthy kids! Her love of Boston does not end there...Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics...need we say more?

An amazing addition to our team, Cheryl said, " When Julie told me about the team I was in and wanted to help in any way I could. I ran a fun 5K with them in November and had a blast. They're a fun group with generous hearts and eager to support Marc and his family. Looking forward to this journey and supporting this cause!" Cheryl will be running Boston 2015, her first marathon!

Next is....Julie Bowers!

Julie is one of our seasoned runners! She began a walk/jog program in 2010 to aid in quitting smoking and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. She struggled on and off with running. It wasn't until the spring of 2013 that she was able to run a full mile without stopping! At this point she participated in some local 5ks and 10ks for charities and eventually completed a half marathon!

Like many of us after the incidents that occurred in April of 2013, Julie wanted to help in anyway she could. She followed Marc's story from the beginning, although never having met him. She chose to continue running with hopes to one day run Boston. Julie's sister-in-law, who graduated high school with our team Coach Gretchen,suggested Julie reach out to her. It was then that Julie joined Team Marc! She has participated in some of the 5ks and is training with the team for the full marathon 2015! Julie said, " I have never met a more welcoming group of people. As a complete stranger, I was welcomed with open arms and have immediately felt part of the team. I feel so privileged to be part of such an amazing group of people, who have come together to support a wonderful family."

From Reading originally, Julie currently resides in Wilmington, MA with her husband, 3 amazing kids and 3 Pugs. She loves country music, especially Kenny Chesney, loves to travel, sushi and adores her 3 dogs! Did we mention she loves Kenny Chesney?

Julie will be running this year's full marathon!

Next up, Jared Duemling!

Jared is voted "Most Likely to Say anything!"! Our most go with the flow, agreeable team mate. He is always up for anything and has a tremendous amount of team spirit. His sense of humor keeps his team smiling and morale high!

Jared started out with Team Marc at one of our fun runs, the ROC race last August! He is new to running, but always gives 100%. He is a married dad of 2 handsome boys and a total sports fanatic. He resides in Bradford, MA and is a Branch manager for Citizen's Bank. Aside from his love for sports, Jared's passions are his family and friends old and new alike. Anyone would be lucky to have Jared on their team!

Jared met Marc and Jen, through teammate Michelle. He has participated in many fundraisers, team runs and really just wanted to do anything he could to support the Fucarile family.

Jared will be participating in this year's Marathon weekend B.A.A. 5k!

A friend for over 20 years to Marc's wife Jen, Michelle Rigano is the "Team Organizer". She keeps track of every race, every event and administers our Team Pages! Michelle has been involved in many of Marc's fundraisers and events since April 2013.

Michelle is new to running since joining Team Marc in August 2014 and has participated in a handful of fun runs and 5k's. Although this year she has been training for the Boston Marathon! She decided that this is her year. With only 21 weeks to train she began hitting the pavement for a cause very close to her heart, every step taken with purpose. She spent many days at Mass General Hospital praying, watching and hoping for Marc's recovery and this is her chance to help in the biggest way she knows how.

Michelle resides in Malden, MA with her husband of 10 years and 2 boys, ages 9 and 6. Passionate about animals you can always find her advocating for rescues, having 2 herself. Michelle has been in the hospitality industry for many years and loves all things food and wine. Count on her to bring breakfast! Also an esthetician, Michelle loves sharing her affinity for beauty products and skincare.

Here is a collage of the team on their Valentine's Day run on Heartbreak Hill -- Heartbreak Hill won't break their heart although they do have the inclination to monkey around while they are running it!

They have two phenomenal events coming up!

On March 27th, Team Marc's Kick Off Party Sponsored by Barstool Sports, at the Andover Country Club, TONS of raffles- including Boston Sporting events. You can reserve your spot by purchasing tickets at EventBrite.

On April 4th you get to paint Fenway Park at Paint Night: Paint Fenway being held at the Tanner Tavern. Tickets can again be purchased through EventBrite.

Donations to Marc Fucarile's RE"MARC"ABLE Marathon Team 2015 can be made to their Marc Strong crowdrise page.

Let's make this Fundraising Friday the 13th a very lucky day for Team Marc Strong! Purchase tickets to their phenomenal events and/or donate to their fundraising page.

We are Boston Strong and when we give back and turn tragedy into triumph, we journey well together!

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